How to Prepare for a Web Project

A web project starts long before the actual kickoff. Even before you secure the budget and go in search of design and development shops, there are several things you can do to get your organization ready to go and set up to have a faster, smoother, more successful experience.

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Diversity and Staying Grounded: Recapping Drupalcon 2018

It was great to get back to DrupalCon this year.  I really enjoyed the Con, and this was one of my favorite DrupalCons in the eight years I’ve been going. Drupal as a community is getting more serious about diversity. In the past, there’s been an undercurrent of people saying “diversity is good” for a

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A Week of Firsts at Drupalcon

I went to DrupalCon this year with the goal of doing things a bit differently this time. I’m a bit of an introvert with people at first, but I’ve been told I don’t come off that way. So, I decided to leverage that and just push myself through things that, in years past, I would

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