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The ACLU came to Advomatic with the need to upgrade their site and to redesign it with a focus on improving site usability for all, including those with disabilities.
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Screenshot of ACLU homepage, desktop layout


This was Advomatic's largest project to date, spanning over a year and a half and requiring over 3,000 development hours. Our agile process also evolved along with the project, adapting to challenges and smoothing out rough spots. 




The new site needed to meet strict accessibility guidelines and be WCAG 2.0 compliant. The ACLU's commitment to accessibility did not stop with the public-facing portion of the site but extended to the parts of the site used by administrators and content managers.




Advomatic also created a back-end that is both highly flexible and rigorously accessible for a diverse group of distributed content publishers with varying technical skills. Users can change not only the content but also the layout of their pages. Site managers have a library of 75 pre-built components that they use to adjust the content and layout of their pages. Users can easily embed media including video, photosets, and captions. The ACLU also asked that we build a faceted site search that makes it easy for visitors to filter their search and view only the most relevant results.




Since the site's launch we continue to work with the ACLU on additional projects, and are currently working on a project to provide a platform for the creation of ACLU Affiliate sites.

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Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences

The School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) is the center of a world-class liberal arts education at Stanford University, and they tasked us with a large scale Drupal 8 project using the build methodology that we've honed over the years.
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Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences


The School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) is the center of a world-class liberal arts education at Stanford University and came to us for a full redesign.

H&S encompasses 23 departments and 24 interdisciplinary programs (IDPs). As the university’s largest school, H&S serves as the foundation of a Stanford undergraduate education no matter which discipline students pursue as a major. All undergraduates take a range of courses in H&S that challenge them to think critically about the world and their roles in it.


Homepage mobile/desktop screenshots


Stanford's major strategic goal was to create a strong web presence with an accessible and modern redesign that inspires the many audiences about the school’s mission, priorities, and work as well as provides clear information for students, donors, staff, and other stakeholders about the school’s departments, IDPs, and initiatives.

After our initial conversations, H&S was confident in our ability to handle a large scale Drupal 8 project, and they responded well to the build methodology that we've honed over the years. Our partner, Wire Media, worked together with a core team on Stanford's staff to crystalize their vision and bring it to life through a in-depth redesign process.

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