About Us

An organization’s website is its most public address. It welcomes donors, clients, activists and others to come in and get involved. It must be easy to navigate, bug-free, and useful. Visitors must find what they are looking for seamlessly and be able to take action quickly.

But too many websites are designed and built  in ways that limit their life expectancy and make them frustrating to use. They are beautifully designed but buggy, difficult for staff to update, or use proprietary or obsolete code bases, and more. These websites often get neglected by staff who find them (and the people who built them) frustrating to work with. Within a few years, they have to be gutted and rebuilt from scratch at considerable expense.

Never again.

Advomatic is a digital agency for mission-driven organizations. We have been around since 2004, building and supporting websites using open source technology (chiefly Drupal and WordPress) and agile project management practices.

We lead with best-in-class tech so everything we build is around for the long haul– not just a pretty site that fails too soon.

Our clients are in-house communications, marketing, development, and IT people at mid-size and larger organizations. They rely on us to be their technical partners and go-to resource to keep their websites functioning smoothly.

Want to explore if we’re a good fit for your organization? Contact us today.

Our Values

  • Collaboration. We flourish when we put our minds together.
  • Pragmatism. We embrace the realities of any situation to get things done.
  • Empathy. We support our clients with respect and kindness no matter their level of familiarity with tech.
  • Excellence. Our standards are high, and we meet them consistently. 
  • Good. We’re committed to making the world a better place by working exclusively with nonprofits.
  • Resilience. If something won’t last for the long haul, we won’t build it.

Our People

Photo of Amit Asaravala Alternate photo of Amit Asaravala
Back End Developer
Photo of Jeremy Caldwell Alternate photo of Jeremy Caldwell
Front End Developer
Photo of Sarah Durham Alternate photo of Sarah Durham
Principal & Owner
Photo of Olivia Freire Alternate photo of Olivia Freire
Operations Coordinator
Photo of Jack Haas Alternate photo of Jack Haas
Senior Front End Developer
Photo of Dave Hansen-Lange Alternate photo of Dave Hansen-Lange
Director, Technical Strategy
Photo of Ochen Kaylan Alternate photo of Ochen Kaylan
Technical Strategist
Photo of Rose Liebman Alternate photo of Rose Liebman
VP, Accounts
Photo of Amanda Luker Alternate photo of Amanda Luker
Senior Front End Developer
Photo of Monica-Lisa Mills Alternate photo of Monica-Lisa Mills
VP, Client Services
Photo of Fredric Mitchell Alternate photo of Fredric Mitchell
Back End Developer
Photo of Liz Ricca Alternate photo of Liz Ricca
Photo of Rory Tucker Alternate photo of Rory Tucker
Sr. Project Manager
Photo of Kerrilynn Young Alternate photo of Kerrilynn Young
Project Manager