Advomatic Extends the Digital Reach of Our Clients in Merger with Four Kitchens

Advomatic and Four Kitchens merger

Since our founding in 2004, Advomatic has made it our mission to work with justice-focused organizations committed to social good. Now, we’ll be able to pursue that goal that much more effectively because of our merger with another digital agency, Four Kitchens.

Founded in Austin in 2006, the firm in many ways functions like our twin. We’re both go-to agencies if you’re a nonprofit or higher ed institution looking for deep, technical expertise in Drupal or WordPress. We both offer invaluable long-term support to clients, and we’re driven to provide quality service and not cut corners to get the job done.

Both of our agencies are very values-driven. It’s not just that we do great work, we also approach our client relationships with a lot of collaboration, transparency, and an eye toward doing things the right way. Between the work we do and how we do it, we’re practically twin agencies.

Our firms are so similar that as we planned to combine our businesses, we decided on a nickname: Project Gemini. But now that Gemini has launched, you may be wondering what this means for you. Let’s address that. If you’re already one of our clients, your team at Advomatic will remain the same as will the services you receive.

However, in terms of the skills at your fingertips, your organization can now go that much further. Joining with Four Kitchens will bring a lot more digital resources to the table for our clients.

How Four Kitchens Enhances the Expertise Advomatic Provides

When big changes happen to organizations you depend on, it’s natural to feel a level of stress and uncertainty. Advomatic is a thriving and stable business with many long-standing clients, especially in our Continuous Care program. How will our merger with Four Kitchens impact the way we work together?

In terms of your current points of contact, the answer is not at all. We are making the transition through this merger as seamlessly as possible. The only experience you should notice as a client is access to a deeper bench of digital experts.

“Advomatic is a very well-run organization … and there are so many reasons why they’re successful,” said Todd Ross Nienkerk, CEO and co-founder of Four Kitchens. “We want to learn those reasons and adapt where it works for everybody and let the best ideas win. There are some really interesting ways to blend our approaches so we’re greater than the sum of our parts.”

Advomatic and Four Kitchens are similar in many ways, but  Four Kitchens offers a wide range of additional digital expertise. Along with frontend and backend design, Four Kitchens’ services include digital strategy, user research and experience, API design, and analytics. The agency also created their own design system, Emulsify. As an open-source style guide and component library tool, Emulsify encourages faster, more accessible website development.

With Four Kitchens on board, you now have additional resources at your disposal to expand the reach of your website. So while your point of contact with your technical team and project managers at Advomatic remain the same, your team of technical and creative experts has expanded. Put another way, instead of just having the people you already love to work with, you now have more people to love.

Our Clients Can Expect Continuity, Consistency—and More

From the beginning, Advomatic has partnered with progressive nonprofits, labor unions, and justice-focused organizations. We aim to champion the voices of people who are often underrepresented or marginalized through our work. Those efforts will continue with this merger.

In Four Kitchens, we’ve found a like-minded organization that understands the role we can play as a digital agency in creating a more equitable world. Nonprofits are often understaffed and lack the resources for in-house digital expertise, even at large organizations. We’ve long viewed ourselves as a technical pit crew for our clients’ digital needs. This merger allows us to provide the same level of service while providing more than just a tune-up.

Plus, as the open source community faces the end of life for Drupal 7, a lot of nonprofits and higher ed organizations will need help migrating their websites to new platforms. By combining with Four Kitchens, we enhance our ability to serve those clients in a more robust, comprehensive way as this challenge approaches.

If you’re one of our existing clients, we’ll send you any paperwork needed to roll your existing contracts over quickly and painlessly. If your organization requires special procurement or vendor setup, we can help with that as well.

We’re excited about what’s ahead. With Four Kitchens available to create and maintain the digital experience your audience needs, we think you will be, too.