Our Services

Build and upgrade

We can design and build your next Drupal or WordPress website.

Advomatic will determine your technical and content requirements, then design and build a customized website that’s easy for your team to update and brings your mission to life online. 

We can also help you assess the best next step for your Drupal 7 website and formulate a technical plan to upgrade to Drupal 8 or 9, move to Backdrop, or move to WordPress.


We can optimize your website and build new features when an overhaul doesn’t make sense. We can also help you keep your content current.

Optimized websites last longer between rebuilds — adding value and saving money over time. But in-house communicators and digital teams often don’t have the technical expertise or time to change the website as their organization evolves or to update content as frequently as they’d like. We’re here when your team wants to make significant improvements, build new features, develop and post new content, refine your website to accommodate brand updates, and more. Consider us your website’s management team. 


We can fix what breaks, update security, modules, and plugins, and keep your site up and running smoothly.  

Nothing digital stays the same for long. Modules and plugins need regular updating. Security vulnerabilities need proactive patching. Performance needs monitoring. We’ll keep things running smoothly through our monthly Continuous Care subscriptions — allowing you to focus on your organization’s mission. Consider us your peace-of-mind policy.

Stand-alone services

Not sure if your website’s security, accessibility, privacy, or other requirements are up to snuff? We can assess what’s working, outline what’s not, and help your team conquer projects.

Need a better website strategy and plan? Want to make your website more accessible or easier to use? Ready to integrate better privacy practices? Or to make it easier for your audiences to find what they need or give online? Advomatic offers a range of stand-alone services that will shine a light on what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next.  These services are priced on a flat-rate basis. 

Advomatic creates and manages some of the most recognizable brands in the dot-org and dot-edu spaces. Curious if we’re a good fit for your organization? 

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