The People Who Run The World

Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article in The New Yorker in 1999 called “Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg.” In it, he tangentially explains how it’s been mathematically proven that Kevin Bacon is NOT the most connected actor, that distinction goes to Burgess Meredith (Rocky’s trainer). Why? For value, the 70 year length of Meredith’s career was

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Drupal Camp NYC 2006

The Advomatic Team had some fun at Drupal Camp ’06, and Jacob Redding put together a cool video from it:

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Help Drupal

The fine folks over at, the Content Management System that we use to build all our client’s websites, are fundraising for a new server. Without them, we really wouldn’t exist, so we’re matching up to $500 for every dollar that is donated to the cause. The guys over at Civicspace are also matching up

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