Hollywood Influence on Online Politics

When Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am released the “Yes We Can” video mashup of Obama’s speech / song, many wondered why the file was uploaded to a relatively unknown site called DipDive.com.

Phase 2 of the DipDive project is phenomenal.

Collective video making – as users upload or share photos of Obama rallies to the site, the individual pixels of the video become collaged into a digital mosaic.

This level of technology development is well beyond most anyone working in online politics. The gap between the progressive political internet and the conservative political internet is wide. We are far ahead. But when it comes to Hollywood, they are ahead of us.

This site was built in a week.
Thank God they’re on our side.

Remarkable that a song written and recorded by major musicians and actors in 3 days should be followed up by this site built in one week.

Again, I look forward to this relationship with Hollywood creative, and I thank God they’re on our side.