We Made a Widget

Our team has been so hard at work over the last few months that we’ve had little time to brag about the accomplishments we’ve achieved for our clients.

Well, this time, we have to make the time. Introducing the Maplight Presidential fund raising widget.

The Widget is a custom flash doohickey that allows you to embed a representation of the Presidential fund raising numbers you wish to display. If you like a mix of both you can show both. If you want just the leading Democratic candidates, it allows you to choose them. If you want to change the width or swap out colors, you can totally do that too. The best news of all is that we will be distributing more soon.

The amazing Neil Drumm built the data structure, Drupal module and javascript. He teamed up with another Advodude, Aaron Winborn, who did the flash integration. They worked with Pauline Au who churned out the sharp design. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done.