Advomatic Has Been Winning

From praise to prizes to cash, Advomatic projects have been on a roll recently. It’s a pleasure to offer this run down of some recent client-partners and the encomiums heaped upon their websites:

TechPresident won the $10,000 Grand Prize for “Innovations in Journalism” from The Knight-Batten Awards. There were even some other Drupal sites among the honorable mentions and nominees including, the Reuters Second Life Virtual News Bureau, and the Council on Foreign Relations’ Crisis Guide.

With this cash prize, TechPresident will surely continue to cover how technology is changing politics, and the election of our next President.

Todd Zeigler at the Right-of-Center “Bivings Group” a DC internet firm and strategy shop listed off Some Exceptional Drupal and WordPress Sites. They know a thing or two about these content management systems because they only build in Drupal and WP.

The good news is that all three of their favorite Drupal sites are organizations that Advomatic is involved with:

  • We host New York Observer and we are also adding custom features to the site;
  • We are now adding custom features to We also lent Advomatic Partner Aaron Welch to the great Senator from Connecticut so that he could innovate internet politics beyond eblasts and petition tricks.
  • The Sunlight Foundation kindly gave a grant to help build, a open-government site which Advomatic has been working on for months. The initial investment paid off… won the $25,000 First Prize at NetSquared’s second conference for online social change.

The Criteria for the $25,000 contest:

  1. What project is the most likely to take off and succeed?
  2. What project will achieve the greatest impact?
  3. What project will be best leveraged by the social change community?

The winner, illuminates the connection between money and politics. Thanks to Advomatic, MAPLight connects campaign contributions and votes for U.S. Congress, providing groundbreaking transparency so that bloggers, journalists, and citizens can hold legislators accountable.

The database brings together information on campaign contributions and votes in the legislature. The first of its kind in the nation, MAPLight provides an unprecedented window into the connections between money and politics.

The site pulls data from FEC databases, and scrapes data from in order to directly show the monies’ related legislative outcome. This transparency can lead to a more informed public and spur vital election reform.

Congratulations to all.