Drinking Liberally in the news

One of the great orgs we actively support, sponsor, and are building a new website for, is Drinking Liberally (DL).

I personally host a DL event at the Mayan theatre in Denver every third Wednesday of the month. The NYC Advomatic team attends one of the NYC DLs every week.

Well, apparently, we made an impression in Denver. The Denver Weekly Alternative Newspaper, Westword, has put Denver DL in their annual “Best of Denver” issue.

Behold, the best place to see a drunk liberal in Denver!

Religion and politics: two topics that should never be broached while imbibing alcohol. The religion part is understandable, but sometimes you just need to get liquored up and bitch about W and his administration. Join up with like-minded ranters at Drinking Liberally to toss back some brewskis and talk about…well, anything, as long as it’s liberal and progressive. Also try the Screening Liberally get-together at the Mayan Theatre, which includes booze and film. Get out, get left and get drunk.

Mind you, Republicans are welcome as well. And in fact, a few GOP state legislators attended Denver DL last night. Find out where the best chapter near you is.