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Amanda Luker is a front end developer. She joined Advomatic in 2008 and has been theming Drupal websites since Drupal 4.6. She is passionate about component-based design and the movement toward universal design and accessibility. Amanda lives in Minneapolis, raising two independent kids with her partner Bryan. She loves games, activism, repairing broken things, and biking around the city.

Posts by Amanda

Volunteering at Free Geek Twin Cities

Editor’s Note: This is the first in an ongoing series about what our team does in their spare time to help good causes. Photo: Amanda and Nus in the Free Geek Twin Cities firehouse. On most Saturdays, when I’m not theming Drupal websites for Advomatic and our awesome clients, I make my way over to

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Arm yourself with Drupal $body_classes!

A common question I get for theming Drupal sites is how to apply css to specific pages. For example, you might want your background image for your header to change on specific pages. Out of the box, Drupal doesn’t give you any class in the HTML that’s unique to your node to grab onto. This

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Theming the User Login Block

Don’t want people to look at your site and immediately know it is Drupal? Theme your user login block! While it isn’t always your top priority, customizing the look and feel of the login form helps maintain the integrity of a custom design. In this post, I’ll get you started using both CSS and PHP

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10 Tips for Theming Drupal 6 Forms

In the last month, I’ve been working on a project that requires a very custom look and feel for login/register/adding content forms, and worked what I’ve learned into a presentation. Now I’ve got a little running list of tips for whipping Drupal forms into shape. Check out the Stealther plugin. If you are theming a

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Table-free Gallery Grid View in Drupal

In my role here at Advomatic, doing Drupal Development, for the last two projects I’ve worked on, I’ve gotten requests for a surprisingly tedious layout that looks a little like this: It’s a grid of images with captions of varying length. Now, this would be a cinch with tables, I prefer to handle these with

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Applying imagecache presets to user profile pictures in Drupal 6

Here’s a mini tutorial on applying imagecache presets to user profile pictures. This isn’t hard to do — a breeze compared to what <a href="one had to do in Drupal 5 — but this write-up might still save someone a little time, I hope! While imagecache presets are easy to apply to imagefield images (this

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The Advomatic redesign process

Jack and I, co-designers/themers at Advomatic, were given no boundaries for our first redesign attempts. “We want to keep the Advodude and Advofont branding, but beyond that I’m open to anything,” Adam said. As designers know, the word “anything” is horrifying — and rarely true. But the ability to start out in left field and

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