Continuous Care Subscriptions

How a nonprofit’s website is kept secure, bug-free, and up-to-date will determine its shelf-life and its value. Advomatic can support your Drupal or WordPress website — whether it’s built by our team or other developers — in two ways


A Continuous Care Maintain plan ensures you never miss an important security update or are surprised to discover that your Drupal or WordPress website is down. Advomatic’s dedicated team will monitor your website and keep an eye on updates so your site remains current and secure.  We will also be here in a pinch if you need us. Sleep well at night: we’ve got your back. 

Continuous Care Maintain subscriptions cost $495 per month for Drupal and WordPress websites and include the option for additional hours when needed. 


A Continuous Care Improve plan provides you with a team of experts who supplement your nonprofit’s digital capacity. Not only will we make necessary updates and fix what’s broken, we can optimize your website’s features, write and upload content, and more. We’re the techies who also  understand and speak nonprofit.

We’ll provide you with a dedicated project manager and technical strategist who will help define priorities for your website, work within your available resources so your most critical needs are met first, and make sure important issues are addressed over time.

 If you have time, our regular one-on-ones, team trainings, events with guest speakers, and client-only learning breakfasts help your team stay educated, build your in-house tech capacity, and widen your community to keep you and your team learning and evolving. If not, you can rest assured your website will function optimally without a lot of heavy lifting from your staff. 

Continuous Care Improve subscriptions start at $2,850 per month for Drupal and WordPress websites, and can be customized in a variety of ways.