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Best practices for links: the art of linking

The Internet depends on connections – between computers, between people, between ideas. Links, or “hyperlinks” as they were originally called, are a basic tool for creating these connections. Yet so many websites offer unfriendly pages because their links are poorly written. Visitors can miss important content or be sent on wild goose chases. Those scenarios

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Why Non-Profits Need User Experience Design

The non-profit organization faces unique challenges with any web project. There are budget and internal skill limitations not typically faced by a for-profit entity. We’ve addressed what you need to know about the project process and begun to tell you how to manage it more successfully. This article discusses what I believe is the most

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#NN10 Report: How to Plan for Your Website Redesign Training

At Netroots Nation last week, I did the second iteration of a training first introduced at Organizing 2.0 with Fureigh in December 2009: How to Plan for Your Website Redesign. I was joined by Erin Hofteig of Middle Coast and Paula Brantner of Workplace Fairness, who both offered additional perspectives on the process. Read more

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