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Heather has been developing sites with Drupal since 2005. She likes to build sites that are as intuitive for content editors as they are for end users. She joined Advomatic after spending nine years at the University of Washington, where she established a successful program building and supporting websites for academic departments. Before coming to Seattle, she spent many years at UCLA earning a Ph.D. in English and working as a web developer, instructional technology consultant, and accessibility consultant. Some of her favorite pastimes include exploring national parks, going to Disneyland, and playing board games with her friends and family.

Posts by Heather

Using Google Analytics to inform your content strategy: a beginner’s guide

Your website likely has hundreds of pages of content ranging from news stories and events to informational resources and staff profiles. It’s impossible to review all of it and constantly generate new content for each area. How do you decide where to focus your energy? In today’s data-driven world, site owners can achieve better outcomes

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Best practices for links: the art of linking

The Internet depends on connections – between computers, between people, between ideas. Links, or “hyperlinks” as they were originally called, are a basic tool for creating these connections. Yet so many websites offer unfriendly pages because their links are poorly written. Visitors can miss important content or be sent on wild goose chases. Those scenarios

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