Advomatic’s pledge to be an antiracist business

An anti-racist is someone who is supporting an antiracist policy through their actions or expressing antiracist ideas. This includes the expression or ideas that racial groups are equals and do not need developing, and supporting policies that reduce racial inequity.

-Ibram X Kendi, How to be an Antiracist, Random House, 2019


Recent killings of Black people  have put our nation’s history of structural, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized racism in the spotlight again. Protests against police brutality, alongside sustained media attention, have kept that spotlight on, and hopefully sparked a historical moment where real change must happen. Advomatic supports this change. We believe that Black lives matter and support the Black Lives Matter movement. 


Advomatic has signed the antiracist small business pledge and is committed to

  • Naming white supremacy and the impact of racism on both our personal and professional lives. 
  • Engaging in anti-racist education for us and our team. 
  • Commiting to open-conflict and allow discomfort. 
  • Investing a portion of our monthly company budget to the Black community. 
  • Expressing our sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an antiracist organization.


This is just a small piece of what we can and must do. Like many businesses, Advomatic has a long road ahead. We invite you to hold us accountable. Feel free to contact me at