Design For Drupal 2014: A Recap

My new (awesome!) coworker Sarah recapped her experiences at DrupalCampWI the other day, so I’m following suit with my thoughts from my new favorite tech camp, Design4Drupal, held in Boston last weekend. This camp is an intimate gathering for front-end developer and designers all experiencing the same pain points working with Drupal and on websites in general. On the surface, that… Read more »

Takeaways, Besides Cheese, From DrupalCamp Wisconsin

Everybody knows that Wisconsin is home of America’s largest water park, the world’s largest barber pole, the world’s largest penny, and the world’s largest talking cow. Another thing to know is that Wisconsin is also home to a very active Drupal community and July’s excellentDrupalCamp! It’s been a few years since my last Drupal conference, so DrupalCamp was a… Read more »

This Is The House That Jack Themed

This is Jack Haas, Advoteam member and front-end developer extraordinaire. Usually, Jack is theming beautiful websites like these ... 

Fajitas, Front End Meets Design, and Remembering to Shower: A DrupalCon Recap

Like many of you, the AdvoTeam hit Austin a coupe of weeks ago for DrupalCon 2014. Now that we’ve had some time to digest all the knowledge dropped (pun intended), we’re sharing our favorite DrupalCon takeaways. We’ve even included links to the DrupalCon sessions, so you can share in the joy.   Amanda, Front-End Developer:… Read more »

Responsive Iframes — yes it is possible

The Web has always had a love-hate relationship with 3rd-party content.  Whether that external content is self-contained functionality brought into a website via SaaS, or to add a donation form to your website in a way that reduces your PCI Requirements, or to possibly connect your disparate web properties together.  Back in the prehistoric days… Read more »

Automating new dev sites for new branches

Over the past few years we've moved away from using Subversion (SVN) for version control and we're now using Git for all of our projects.  Git brings us a lot more power, but because of its different approach there are some challenges as well.  Git has powerful branching and this opens up new opportunities to… Read more »

Time To Vote Again: Runoff Election October 1st

We had many great progressive victories in NYC's September 10th Democratic Primary. It shows that the public wants to vote for politicians who support the 99% and not candidates backed by corporate dollars. Up next is a Runoff Election for Public Advocate. Yup, it's already time to vote again. Neither Letitia James (our endorsed candidate)… Read more »

Election Tuesday; Our Endorsements and Voter Guide for New Yorkers

As engaged members of the New York City progressive community Advomatic is offering a list of candidates for office that we endorse in the NYC Primary Elections which are held on September 10th. We know that following local political races can be confusing and finding serious journalism about your local candidates is hard work. Heck,… Read more »

To the Point: Your Web Development Project Needs a Point Person

This post is first in a series on what your organization can do internally to prepare for a website development project and what to expect during the process. No matter who builds your site, your organization will only get the most out of the money you spend by paying close attention to project throughout the… Read more »

Award-Winning Drupal Sites

DrupalCon Portland was, per usual, a furious blur of sessioning, impromtu meetings, obligatory beer commercials, head-spinning ideas, and no shortage of self-promotion. Echoing that last tendency, I drop a quick note to recognize our little achievement. Two sites planned and implemented by Advomatic won awards:   Best Government website for the US Department of State, developed by Advomatic & designed by Threespot Best Advocacy Website for Global Zero developed… Read more »