Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers (pw.org) is the largest nonprofit organization to serve creative writers with a network of programs, events, and awards. To coincide with an upgrade to Drupal 7, Advomatic worked with Poets & Writers to refresh the homepage layout and site-wide styles, giving them an improved platform to highlight creative work and make it easier for writers to find the services they provide.

Poets & Writers has a beautiful print magazine, and the website did not reflect that same thoughtful aesthetic. And while the site is (intentionally) text-heavy, it needed to made more readable. Also, PW.org knew that their audience was visiting the site more and more on mobile devices, so it was crucial that it be designed with mobile high in mind.

Working with the PW.org team, Advomatic created a mobile-first design with a focus on content and their rich trove of images. We improved legibility at all sizes and implemented a new navigation that made it easier for users to find exactly what they needed from the site, be it event information, deadlines, programs or literary inspiration. 


poets and writers homepage