Advomatic was created to help mission-driven organizations build a better future, and we’re particularly proud of our work with advocacy organizations like yours. Our sites for organizations like the ACLU, Community Solutions, and Global Zero provide nonprofits with top notch design, a flexible backend usable by even your least technical administrators, and all the tools you need to share information about your work, promote effective campaigns, and educate users on the issues you care about. Take a closer look at our work with advocacy organizations:


The ACLU came to Advomatic with the need to upgrade their site and to redesign it with a focus on improving site usability for all, including those with disabilities.

Access the Vote is a Florida-based resource from Disability Rights - Florida to assist voters with disabilities through the unique challenges of going to the polls. Because of their audience, it was extremely important for them to have top-notch accessibility.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Affiliates

The ACLU's 50+ state affiliates have separate websites, with divergent branding and separate web teams duplicating efforts. After Advomatic built the new site for ACLU National, they came to us looking for a solution. Each affiliate needed to be able to start with a website template that they could customize to their needs, while still being able to share improvements with the other affiliates.

ActionAid USA

ActionAid worked with us on a visual redesign and a migration to a new platform — WordPress.

Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability's mobile-friendly WordPress website empowers them to communicate with activists and funders, implementing their new brand.