Views Slideshow for Views 2

I upgraded Views Slideshow to Drupal 6 this week. That means you can now continue to create a slideshow from any view, now easier than ever, thanks to Views 2!

In the Drupal 5 version, you had to set global settings for all slide shows, and it was a bit of a pain to configure them for individual shows. Now, as shown in this screen shot, you are able to configure each view individually.

To configure a Views to be displayed as a slide show, simply create your view as normal, and click on the Style link. You’ll see a list of radios, with Grid, List, Slideshow, Table, and Unformatted. Just select Style. Then choose from the options shown in the screen shot above.

The downside to the module right now is that because the jQuery required for the slide show is not loaded on preview, you won’t see the final result until you save the view. As with Drupal 5’s version, you’ll also need to add some simple CSS according to your needs (such as uniformly sized preview frames, floating boxes, whatever).

To see it in action, you can visit this video slideshow, which demonstrates the flexibility of being able to create a slide show from any views content, not just images. (The demo site is in Drupal 5, but can be built even more easily with the Drupal 6 version.)