Top Panel Picks for DrupalCon Denver

I polled the Advostaff to find out which panels they’re most looking forward to at DrupalCon Denver.
Of course the ones I’m most excited about are ones where our staff are presenting:

Aaron Winborn’s session on Media with Dave Reid, Tuesday 10:45. Aaron says Media is “the module that Drupal has been waiting for; come find out how we are harnessing the power of fieldable final entities, and what is in store for the future.”Aaron elaborated on his session in this blog post.

Then on Thursday at 10:45 come to The ACLU & Drupal. Our Marco Carbone will be presenting with the ACLU’s Jennie Corman about our successful collaboration, why the ACLU chose Drupal and how the ACLU has leveraged Drupal’s flexibility in implementation. The talk will give nonprofits a good overview of the site redevelopment process.

Aaron Winborn is also helping to put together a Media-related BOF on Thursday and a Media Sprint on Friday.

Here’s the rest of the staff’s panel picks and why they like them

Angie Byron (webchick) will be leading a brainstorming session on Thursday at 2:15 about the future of

What’s New in the Panels Universe on Wednesday at 10:45 —  “we use Panels on a number of sites and the speaker is merlinofchaos, the creator of Panels, and it’s always interesting to hear what he’s cooking up” says Marco.

EFF + Drupal + CiviCRM = Great on Thursday at 2:15 should be a good sister presentation to the one we’re leading with the ACLU (and I LOVE the Electronic Frontier Foundation!)

For even MORE on Media, Aaron Winborn suggests The Unofficial Media Initiative Update and Roadmap presented by Dave Reid on Wednesday at 10:45.

A Responsive Design Process Thursday at 1pm “because responsive design is a big enough thing to have an effect on process” suggests Cristen Perks.

Themer Amanda Luker’s top recomendations for Theming panels are Responsive Web Design, Tuesday at 10:45


Using Sass & Compass in Drupal Theming Tuesday at 2:25

There you have it.
I’ll be tweeting from @advomatic regularly so check there for updates.

And see you at tonight’s opening Reception sponsored by Cadre Web Hosting: Pick up your drink ticket in your registration kit, and join the event at the Sponsor Fair in the Mile High Ballroom at the Convention Center from from 6 – 7:30 pm.