This Blog is Built in Drupal 6

I’ve finally decided to set up a personal blog, which you are looking at right now. I can usually find a few minutes a day to write about whatever’s going on, but haven’t had a decent forum for some of it, or stuff gets all scattered.

As most of my day is spent working with Drupal, it makes sense that Drupal will get the bulk of these writings. For the purposes of Planet Drupal, those will get sorted on my Drupal blog, whereas the rest will get scattered here and there (until I come up with other relevant categories).

The site itself is built with Drupal 6, and I’ll probably use that to feature and test some of my contributed modules, such as Embedded Media Field, Views Slideshow, and others.

I’ll also write about my current projects, work-related or not, such as my current ongoing redesign and relaunch of Air America (still under wraps), or the recent launch of Erik Gecas’s portfolio (my brother-in-law).

That’s all for now!