Some Great Pictures from NH

This is a great photo set from Steve Garfield. He was in the blogger meeting with Senator Edwards and walked away impressed. You can read his and other New Englanders posts at a few blogs such as this.

Edwards, in an unorthodox move, is not asking you to join a campaign. He is asking you to join a movement.

The point is, if you open up your system to potential supporters, give them the tools that they need to organize, you reap the benefits.

Thanks to services like Flickr that offer open APIs and open source projects like Drupal, now these photos can go viral.

Can you imagine if everyone who took pictures at all 6 of Senator Edwards’ events this week could easily add to the online chorus of folks whose pictures are a testament to powerful call to action that John Edwards made around the country?

We can. Advomatic builds on truly open source systems to harness this wave by magnification not centralization.