Netroots Nation AdvoStyle

For the third year Advomatic was a major sponsor to the convention of netroots activists now known as Netroots Nation.

We spoke on panels, we worked the booth in the exhibitors hall, and we did a great deal of facilitating numerous interpersonal networking events… ie. parties.

There were also daytime shenanigans. In one unibrow classy instance, the mens room at the convention center was renamed:

When our old boss Howard Dean showed up, Adam Mordecai and I scrambled across the street to hear his idears:

The big surprise guest of the convention was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the man most Americans voted for President in 2000, the man whose “selfless act” in ceding the Whitehouse to Rehnquist and Scalia nearly destroyed our civilization, none other than Al Gore:

We laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats.

Seriously though, it was a thrill to see so many of our cool clients presenting the websites we built for them on panels and workshops. All around us on breakout sessions and in the exhibitor hall were friends like Drum Major Institute,, Living Liberally, and more.

Next year, beyond sponsoring the convention, building their online infrastructure and boasting our collaborative partners, Advomatic is going to go where all future Conventions will go, the land of make believe: Second Life!

Actually, how about we don’t. Pittsburgh is more 3D.