Module Development during DrupalCon

So I was just updating the Contributed Modules Status page at gdo to reflect that I plan to work on upgrading Embedded Media Field to Drupal 6.x during DrupalCon, and noticed that fago also plans to work on Workflow-ng “after the drupalcon”. So I scanned through the list to see if anyone else was planning module development this week, and that was it.

Now the way I am at these conferences is that I get into overdrive. I already spend my 8 hours a day at work buried in Drupal, and an additional 8-10 hours a week of my personal time. But, apart from periodically calling my partner & daughter to let them know I’m still alive and remember them fondly ;), I spend every waking moment at a Drupal conference thinking about Drupal, how it can “save the world”, and how I can do my bit to help that happen. I find myself so energized by being around other like-minded people at these events, that I throw myself into making cool modules, upgrading other cool modules, etc.

I know I’m not the only one like that.

Since the word of the day is “Drupal 6”, I’m curious who else is going to be working on porting their modules during DrupalCon. So I did a 5 minute google right now on “upgrade drupal 6 drupalcon” and found nothing there. But I know it’ll happen. Either folks are keeping it under wrap, are too busy to blog about it, or don’t realize yet that that’s what they’re going to do. (Time for me to brush up on the Coder module…)

Whatever the case, March 10 should be an exciting day in the world of Contributed Modules. I’d put money on some of your favorite modules being ready for d6 the week after the conference (maybe not deployment-ready, but certainly testing-ready). And I wouldn’t be surprised to see a quiet module or two come out of the conference that will rock the world of Drupal, and send waves through the Internet.