Media Sprint TODO?

The Media Sprint 2009 Wiki has a rough outline, based on an earlier document started by arthurf, but needs some serious fleshing out. I plan to begin working in earnest again on the sprint later next week and the following (am trying to slot 3-4 solid working days towards it).

There are also several volunteers who have offered to help over the coming weeks as well. We need to try to build some organization.

I’m up against a couple of roadblocks with both the Media module and its included Resource module, and need some advice to go forward with those.

Particularly, I’m not sure what’s intended during media_ahah_formatter_load(), which is what, I imagine, needs to both save the gathered resource into the file system, and make sure it adds to the field or attachment in the form. Arthur’s also mentioned some difficulties in conceptualizing how we’ll know what metadata to collect between submission and uploading.

I’ve also run into problems with the Resource module in my starts for Media: YouTube. For instance, we have to instantiate some classes during hook_boot, but don’t have access to drupal_get_path() at that phase of the boot process. I’ve created a hackish work-around, where we store the module’s path during installation, and check in hook_exit if the path has changed so we can set the new variable. I’m convinced it’s not the best method, but haven’t figured another yet.

So I’m opening this thread (at gdo) for questions of this nature, hoping people can help out, or at least take a closer look at the modules to help flesh out a TODO list for myself and other interested developers. I personally will have a lot more questions as I go along.


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