Media Code Sprint (January 2009)

Wrapping up Day 1 of the Media Code Sprint for January 2009! (Edit from 2008… doh!) I’m in the Advomatic NYC offices with Arthur Foelsche (arthurf), Roger López (at, Darrel O’Pry (dopry), and Owen Osborn (oweno).

Today’s been a great brain-storming day, figuring out our plans for the weekend. For those of you who don’t know about this media sprint, among the stated goals is to backport the File API from Drupal 7 to Drupal 6, get the major media modules using that, and creating a GUI to wrap around it. You can see more at the Media Sprint wiki.

The discussions have been amazing to be part of. We plan to create a new form element and field, using FileField as its core, and create a registry API on top of that, using PHP Stream Wrappers (built into PHP 4+).

Initially, we would have an upload box created with FileField. Then tabs would be created as module add-ons, for local files as thumbnails, Embedded Media Field text field for third party URL’s, YouTube or Flickr searches, etc. This would be similar to what I used for Video Uploads/Embeds at YouDrup. In the future, this could also be replaced with a flash uploader for multiple uploads and progress (which can only be done in PHP with APC enabled), such as is done with Kaltura.

More tomorrow! We’re meeting at Advomatic again, and in #drupal-dev at IRC. Saturday we’ll meet at Sony, and an as-of-yet undetermined Drupal shop on Sunday.