Infographic: Site Building in Drupal 8

We just launched our first Drupal 8 website for the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA). During our project retrospective, a few of us brought up how nice it was that so many contrib modules that were part of the D6 site weren’t necessary in Drupal 8 – this was a major factor in making it possible to launch this project before the actual D8 release.

The graphic below compares contrib modules that were running on NAMA’s Drupal 6 site compared to the modules needed to achieve the same functionality in Drupal 8. If you’re curious about which specific modules we were working with, you can see module names by hovering over the folder icons.

Having so many of the modules that we always install built into core gave us more time to focus on ways to optimize the site for NAMA’s specific needs, and it should also save us time down the road when it’s time to handle maintenance tasks (like security updates) or add on new features.

What are you most excited about having in core?

Which modules are you waiting to see in D8 before upgrading?