Exciting News

A few months ago I received an invitation to lunch from a good friend and colleague. He had interviewed me earlier about our work at Cadre, the hosting service housed in Advomatic, and over lunch we continued our discussion of the landscape of hosting companies. There was just something different about Cadre. We were tackling a problem in the web hosting world no one else seemed to see: Even sophisticated cloud hosting platforms are still hard to use and don’t focus on fantastic customer experience.

There was a hole in the market and a huge opportunity to fill it, he said.  Would we be interested in teaming up with him to do that?

After several more conversations with Zac and the teams at Advomatic and Cadre, we were all convinced timing and opportunity were perfect to do something really special in the web hosting world while better focusing the work of Advomatic. We decided to move our hosting services out of Advomatic and create a new company that could really devote energy to making these services the best they could be. 

And so, Packet was born.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement to our Cadre clients today:

Cadre, and its parent company Advomatic, have been hosting high traffic dynamic websites, primarily Drupal, since 2004. What started as a supplementary service for Advomatic clients grew into a fully fledged separately branded service line (Cadre) which now services over 100 clients and manages many hundreds of devices. And now, I’m excited to announce the next phase of life for Cadre: we’ve partnered up with a talented new team and started a new web hosting venture, called Packet.

Meanwhile, it’s been a busy tenth year at Advomatic. We have a new office, lots of exciting projects underway for some awesome clients, a new website in the works, and some fantastic new hires coming on board.

While our Cadre and Advomatic teams will miss working together, moving Cadre out of Advomatic will allow us to start doing some really cool things with both teams and focus on what we do best: build powerful websites that let our clients change the world for the better.

As for me, I’ll still be CEO of Advomatic while launching Packet, so I’ll be bringing on some new talent to help strengthen both companies.

The future is bright, and I feel so blessed and privileged to have worked with such incredible people over the last 10 years, and I am absolutely pumped to see what the next 10 bring for everyone at Advomatic!