Drupal Multimedia Panel at DrupalCon

I will be the lead presenter of the Drupal Multimedia panel at Boston DrupalCon next week. I am teaming up with James Walker (walkah), Darrel O’Pry (dopry), and Nate Haug (quicksketch) on Monday, March 3, in the Site Building track, with a live demonstration integrating images, video, and audio onto your sites.

This 90 minute session will cover the best practices and most useful modules for embedding media, and with its following Q&A should be useful to novices and hackers alike. Bringing their years of combined experience of creating multimedia-rich sites and contributing their expertise back to the community, the panel is composed of the contributers and/or maintainers of such cruicial modules as Image, Gallery, ImageField, ImageCache, Embedded Media Field, FileField, Fivestar, Views Slideshow, and others, in addition to their work with Core and Drupal 6.

If you don’t know, I’m a developer at Advomatic, an editor of the Drupal Newsletter, and the contributer of several modules such as Embedded Media Field and Views Slideshow. I am also writing Drupal Multimedia, a book to be released by Packt Publishing later this year. Look for a more formal announcement about that soon!