Committed To Drupal

We’re proud to announce that Advomatic developer David Rothstein has been named a new Drupal 7 core co-maintainer! Drupal works because incredibly talented people like David put their time and creativity into making this open source platform the strongest around.

Excuse me while I play James Lipton for a minute to ask David how he feels about his new role in the Drupal community.

David said:

“Getting to be a co-maintainer of Drupal 7 is really exciting. I feel like I “grew up” with Drupal 7 in some ways, since I began contributing to the Drupal community only a bit before Drupal 7 development began, and I’ve worked with it continually since then.  It’s kind of amusing, actually; the first DrupalCon I ever attended was in Boston in 2008, which was right around the time that Drupal 7 development opened up, and people were talking at the conference about all the new features they wanted to add to it.  Meanwhile, I was very new and considering moving into Drupal as a career, but too scared to talk to most of the people who were hiring at the conference, because I was pretty sure I was unqualified for any of the jobs… Safe to say I never guessed that I’d be maintaining Drupal 7 someday  It’s a testament to how open and welcoming the Drupal community is to new people once they do take the steps to get involved, and how willing experienced community members are to give opportunities to them even if they weren’t around in the “early days”.

Since Drupal 7 is production software which is being used on hundreds of thousands of websites, and the number is going up, my main responsibility here is just to make sure it stays stable, and also to free up Angela Byron (webchick), who has been maintaining it from the beginning, to have more time to work on all the other awesome things she does in the Drupal community.  So I’m excited about this opportunity for myself, but it’s also a great form of community service.”

I couldn’t agree more. As a company we make sure our developers have time to give back to the Drupal community because the strength of Drupal depends on all of the hours brilliant developers spend contributing new tools and sharing their solutions. Plus it ensures that the smartest, most creative and community-minded developers around want to work for us.

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