Click-to-Call at Politics Online Conference: What We’ve Done and Where We’re Going

Earlier this week I got a chance to present and discuss our Click-to-Call tool with a larger audience.

We’ve come a long way since the tool’s alpha run with the Dodd campaign and the beta run over the past eight months. To date, progressive citizens have made over 26,000 calls to Congress using our tool. The amount of time spent on the phone totals over 65 days. That’s pretty fantastic ROI – Investment of time for planning and setup.

These days, over ten advocacy organizations are using Click-to-Call to help their members engage in the political process. Organizations like Health Care for America NOW!, SEIU and AFL-CIO.

Right now you can use Click-to-Call to reach:

  • U.S. House
  • U.S. Senate
  • President
  • Governors in all 50 States
  • State Legislatures in NY, CA and CO

What do we have planned?

  • More State Legislatures
  • Custom Lists of Targets (Want to reach only your city’s legislative body? Send us the contact information.)
  • Time restrictions on calling for only standard office hours.

The best part of the presentation was fielding questions and suggestions for even more features from the great audience. Here’s just two of the suggestions that we are now considering for future implementation:

  1. When an organization’s contact list already includes full democraphic data: addresses, zip codes, phone numbers and names, skip the web form on the first page and place a personalized link in the blast email messages.
  2. If the caller has connection problems or a busy signal, offer them a special button and response form. We already verify all elected official contact information at least twice, if not three times, on a fairly regular basis. But this idea could alert us to problems even sooner.

For the AdvoTeam, our goal is to use web-based technology to better the progressive movement, one small step at a time. Each call placed using our tool is one small step. If any of the first-time callers of the 26,000 who feel the phone call was a positive experience and think to call Congress in the future, without an organization’s prompt, then we’ve enriched the progressive movement and expanded the Democratic process.

The full presentation:

Have suggestions of your own on how to make Click-to-Call even better? Comment below or contact us.