BADCamp 2014 Nonprofit Summit

This week, a couple of us are at BADcamp! We love the Bay Area Drupal community and this event, and we’re proud sponsors this year. 

This year, BADCamp moved from the hallowed halls of UC, Berkeley to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, once the home of the Exploratorium (which we also highly recommend). That puts BADCamp 2014 in one of the most scenic areas of the city with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island just a stone’s throw away.

I spent the day at the Nonprofit Summit attending presentations from local organizations on their big Drupal developments this year. 

Adrian Cotter, from the Sierra Club did a great job of describing how their redesign project was as much a reworking of the structure and processes they used to manage their sites as it was a redesign of the sites themselves. 

Sam Mankiewicz talked about Kiva’s crowdsourcing platform and their upgrade from Drupal 5 to 7. They also talked about it at Austin’s DrupalCon, and you can watch the presentation here

And Mark Burdett from the Electronic Frontier Foundation talked about all the different ways you can put your site, your data, and your visitors at risk and what you can do to protect yourself and your users, including penetration testing, regularly applying security updates and using encrypted connections for your entire site. Mark also talked about HTTPS Everywhere a browser extension that forces encrypted connections for you even if the site doesn’t. 

We absolutely love seeing advocacy organizations using open source solutions to tackle big strategic problems, and it’s always amazing to be surrounded by other people and organizations using technology to make the world a better place.