Anonymous Characters for 5 Second Game

Assuming the administrator gives access, anonymous users may now create and compete with characters at 5 Second Game (which is powered by the module of the same name). Additionally, if an anonymous user registers or logs in, they’ll be able to claim that character as their own, allowing for saving any statistics, etc.

On the technical end, the module uses a $_SESSION variable to save the anonymous character in the session cookie, and creates a menu item to optionally claim the character after logging in. Currently, it’s only displayed as a link in a message on login; I have to decide whether to dynamically create a link in the navigation menu, continue showing the message until the character’s claimed or the message is set to be ignored, or to do nothing (or maybe to allow the admin to set that choice).

Apologies to anyone who’s tried to play the game in the last month or so; I turned on Recaptcha for spam control, but forgot to configure it. I’ve switched to Mollom now, and everything’s working fine.

(Cross-posted at the Drupal Games & Games API group.)