5 Second Game Widget Mock-Up

Here is a rough mock-up for a widget for the upcoming 5 Second Game Drupal module that Morbus Iff and I are developing.

It doesn’t do anything yet, but check back soon…

Basically, this mock-up is for one of several planned widgets that are meant to be embedded in blogs and other posts. As a user of the game, you would post a widget featuring your character (at the bottom), and other people viewing the widget could fight your character, using an anonymous character, or logging in and using their own.

The gradient bar on the left represents the rough balance between the two opponents. As the top character, depicted as a Robot Monkey here, you would select skills for your attack and defense (currently shown as Candlestick (ala Clue) and Smooth Moves, respectively). After pressing the Fight button, the opponent would randomly select the attack and defense to use. The combat would be resolved, and the results displayed.

Ultimately, I plan that an anonymous user would have the option to save their stats if they choose to register immediately after a series of fights. If they were already logged in with a character, that character would be used instead, and statistics from the combat stored.

As characters are Drupal nodes, they have all the benefits due any other node. For example, in this mock-up, the characters have user-set YouTube videos that may be played, care of Embedded Media Field.

The widget itself will depend on the completion of the Embed Widgets module, a Google Summer of Code project.

Morbus has been developing a rudimentary character creation, which is already working. I’ve been working on a Fight API, and again, should be done with the basics in the next few days. That means that we hope to have an alpha (of sorts) ready by next week! If you sign up at 5secondgame.com, you’ll be first in line for a testing character! Don’t get attached to your characters though — I expect the server database will go through one or two resets during this phase of development.

See you there!