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Even when you are not actively developing your site, modules and plugins still need updating. Security vulnerabilities need patching. Features need tweaking. Performance still needs monitoring. You may want to make small improvements to your site or refine your design to accommodate browser updates. 

Advomatic can support your Wordpress or Drupal site. We offer monthly retainer plans for on demand development work and security updates, as well as a range of audits to maintain the health of your site.

Monthly retainer plans include: 

  • Annual Strategic Review
  • Annual Technical Audit
  • Security Updates
  • One Plan, Multiple Site Support
  • On Demand Development Hours

Plans can be enhanced with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Support
  • Accessibility Support
  • User Experience Support
  • Concierge Support

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Read more about some of our support projects:

American Federation of Teachers — ongoing support

The American Federation of Teachers is one of our longest standing Drupal support clients. We've have built, and support, 4 major web properties.
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American Federation of Teachers — ongoing support

 website screenshot

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is one of our longest standing clients. Over the last 6 years we have built four major web properties for the union in Drupal, and we continue to support them. The AFT is an example of an organization who really understands that to get the most value from the Internet, they need to continually invest in their platforms.

The traditional way to build a website is the "build-and-forget" model. The website is created in a burst of activity (and spending). There is probably some really great thinking that goes into it, but no one really knows if it will work or not. It's then launched to the public with a flurry of publicity, which fades quickly, and then the website moves into maintenance mode. Over the years the organization invests little or no money into the website, and it begins to age. In hindsight they realize that some of the ideas did work, some were a disaster, and the rest somewhere in the middle. After years of frustration they start the process over again with another big spend. This is the boom-and-bust cycle of spending.

The AFT have done a great job of avoiding this phenomenon.

There are four key areas that have helped to ensure that satisfaction in their web properties remains high, while also evening out their spending:

Regular security updates

Keeping your site secure and up-to-date is always important, but it's especially important when your web properties contain the personal data of thousands of members, or private information that is not for the public. If the AFT's data were stolen, or their public sites hacked, it would be a disaster. Because of this the AFT needs someone to keep an eye on making sure everything is up to date. But, perhaps more importantly, they need vendors that really understand security: from the big picture view of how all the parts work together, down to ensuring that individual lines of code are secure.

Ongoing development

Especially for Stateweb (The AFT's platform for their 1300 state and local affiliates to build a website), the number of stakeholders is enormous. The AFT is always receiving feedback from stakeholders about what needs to change on their websites. By investing regularly in small changes, the AFT ensure that stakeholders remain happy.


Remember the story above of how in a typical web project some of the "great" ideas turn out to be a disaster? While there are some techniques to minimize that problem, it can never be totally avoided before you launch the website. You can however respond once you realize that something isn't working. Each of the four web properties that we built for AFT have seen at least one mini-project where we've either totally reworked something that wasn't working, or added an entirely new feature.

Tight collaboration with their web agency

Even if you want your web property to last a long time, it isn't just going to happen. It takes sustained focus and a strong partnership between stakeholders and developers. The AFT have been great about working with us to define the future of these web platforms. Because we know what their vision is, we can ensure that all of the little things that we do move in that direction. We also give regular feedback to the AFT about problems that we see from our unique vantage point, or problems that we foresee as the platforms evolve.

Want to make your web project to endure while minimizing boom-and-bust spending? We offer a variety of options for ongoing support and maintenance.


Annenberg Space for Photography — ongoing support

After creating a new website for, The Annenberg Foundation asked Advomatic to also support their other major web property, The Annenberg Space for Photography.
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Annenberg Space for Photography — ongoing support

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The Annenberg Space for Photography is a cultural destination dedicated to exhibiting both digital and print photography in an intimate environment. The venue, an initiative of the Annenberg Foundation and its trustees, is the first solely photographic cultural institution in the Los Angeles area.

In 2016 Advomatic built a new website for On seeing that project come to successful fruition, The Annenberg Foundation asked us to take over support and maintenance for their other big web property, The Annenberg Space for Photography.



Security and Maintenance

As part of our maintenance services, we ensure that the site remains up to date with security patches. As the web community discovers and fixes vulnerabilities, we have a rigorous process for applying those fixes to the website while ensuring that nothing breaks.




As part of our support services, we add new features and fix bugs. This ensures that the site remains useful for the foundation as their needs change.



Partners looking to the future

Security updates and maintenance are the things that you'd expect from any web agency. But we strive to go the extra step. We think of ourselves as partners with our clients and we strategize ways to make the site relevant and useful for years to come. We're currently working with their web team to rethink some of the site's features to better support the unique needs of presenting curated photography on the web.