Rose Liebman

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Rose has been working with nonprofits and mission-driven organizations for 9 years. With a background in design and project management, she is loving her newest role helping clients navigate their choices to create a plan for success. She works with them throughout the life of their project and beyond to make sure that they are getting the support they need and the best return on their investment. She is grateful to be in the nonprofit space working with principled, passionate people. She lives in New York City but can be found hiking, camping and fly-fishing in the Rockies at least once a year.

Posts by Rose

5 Questions to Ask When Budgeting for your Website in the New Year

Budgeting season is fast approaching. The stakes can feel high around this time of year as you manage your immediate workload while also trying to find time to project ahead. When you do find time, you may not quite know where to start.  

Here are five questions you should ask yourself as you pull out your crystal ball and look into next year.

Promoting Inclusivity and Empathy at the Nonprofit Technology Conference

Given the divisive social and political climate, the Advomatic team has been thinking a lot about about how to recommit to concrete practices of inclusivity in our day-to-day life and work. These are conversations that come up regularly at our weekly team meetings and monthly social hours. So when it came time to plan our …