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Paul Schulzetenberg has over 10 years of experience developing websites and tools for mission-driven organizations. He got his start building websites in 2004 in Minneapolis, MN. Over the years, he has helped clients like The University of Minnesota and The Jerome Foundation reach their audiences and manage their data. In 2014, he moved to Los Angeles and continues to pursue his work while partaking of the city's vast reserve of taco trucks.

Paul believes in the power of the web and of the open-source movement to help people share their voices and experiences. He's an active member of the Drupal community and attends many events.

Paul is an avid boardgamer, and has started game groups in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles. If you ever want to play a game of Civilization, Paul's your guy.

Posts by Paul

Diversity and Staying Grounded: Recapping Drupalcon 2018

It was great to get back to DrupalCon this year.  I really enjoyed the Con, and this was one of my favorite DrupalCons in the eight years I’ve been going. Drupal as a community is getting more serious about diversity. In the past, there’s been an undercurrent of people saying “diversity is good” for a …

DrupalCon Baltimore 2017: Thoughts on the community

I was fortunate enough to get to Baltimore for this year’s DrupalCon.  Here’s a few takeaways regarding Drupal’s open-source community.   The community is still strong. There has been some major turbulence recently with the dismissal of a community member from his position as DrupalCon track chair.  It’s had repercussions about issues of both governance …

DrupalCamp LA: A Recap (and the power of local community)

This past weekend was the weekend of my local DrupalCamp, DrupalCamp LA.  This year was again at the University of California Irvine campus, though the camp had moved to a new building.  The new digs were quite nice, especially the largest room which provided auditorium seating and held many more people than the space did …