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Jack joined Advomatic in 2007, with background in digital activism via the popular website and non-profit organization he and others founded, buyblue.org. As a front-end developer with a passion for both the fine arts and nonprofit worlds, he enjoys acting as the connective tissue between designers and back-end developers. Jack spends his time solving problems and setting up efficient and sustainable design systems that help shape front-end code. He is fond of going off the grid in the Appalachian Mountains, riding his bike, seeing live music, and being up-to-date with current events and politics.

Posts by Jack

A Week of Firsts at Drupalcon

I went to DrupalCon this year with the goal of doing things a bit differently this time. I’m a bit of an introvert with people at first, but I’ve been told I don’t come off that way. So, I decided to leverage that and just push myself through things that, in years past, I would

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Design tips for lowering front-end costs, part two: Reducing complexity

Last week, we discussed a few ways design deliverables can be made with the goal of streamlining the front-end development process. This week, we’ll address design complexity and how to simplify things with that same goal. Assemble page designs as a collection of modular pieces that fit together, and provide notes for any edge cases

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Design tips for lowering front-end costs, part one: Deliverables

Here at Advomatic, we frequently get the chance to partner with really creative, disciplined, and talented design shops. Over the years, we’ve identified a few areas where we can be more helpful to them. We’ll try articulating the best ways to solve design problems which have an impact on the front-end development approach. Along with strategizing

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Front-end Code Review Fundamentals

We’ve been thinking about code reviews lately here at Advomatic.  Fellow Advo-teammate Oliver’s previous post covered the whys of our code review process, and Sarah covered the hows when she did a overview of some tools we use regularly.  This post focuses on the front-end side, and deals more with the whats of front-end code

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Automating Living Style Guides in a Drupal Theme

Over the past year or so here, we’ve tried to make front-end development less painful by creating living style guides in our Drupal themes that we can use internally as a valuable resource during development, as well as externally as a client deliverable. They allow us to write consistent, reusable and efficient code that is easy to maintain over

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Responsive & adaptive grids with Susy, Sass & Compass in Drupal 7

Here at Advomatic we've experimented with several approaches to responsive design over the past few years. I think the "mobile first" philosophy became popular right in the nick of time. There was a point when we'd detect if the user was on a mobile device and then deliver a separate mobile theme. This meant two

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Notable changes to theming in Drupal 7

There are 50+ changes to the theme system in the move to Drupal 7 – that’s a lot to consider when upgrading your theme from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. As expected, some of the changes make theming more complex… but those changes can also free things up for you to do complex things in

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A lesson in the usefulness of CSS sprite generators

The basic premise of a sprite image is to consolidate your site’s graphics into one (or more) master image file. Then, with the magic of CSS’s background-position property, you can shift the master sprite image around and only reveal the parts you want. Like a window. Some might even say like a Sliding Door. What

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Faking imagecache for external images in Drupal

Imagecache is just one of those modules that we use on a consistent basis. There are usually many places within a complex site where the ability to crop and scale an image to a certain size comes into play. While this works great for images that you are storing on your own server, you run

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