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Amanda Luker is a web designer in Minneapolis, MN. She received her MA in Media Studies from The New School in 2004, and has been making websites for nonprofits, artists, writers, educators and musicians ever since. Amanda is a co-founder of Free Geek Twin Cities, an all-volunteer computer education and recycling program. She also loves doing print design, listening to loud music, riding bikes, and volunteering at Boneshaker Books, a volunteer-run independent bookstore in Minneapolis.

Posts by Amanda

A Quick Guide to Free Stuff (Well, Images and Fonts) on the Internet

Amanda went to Design for Drupal 2014 in Boston last weekend. She brought back a ton of useful information, and now she’s passing it on to you.  On day one, I attended a detailed explanation of copyright and creative commons. You can see the slides here. One gem of the session: a robust list of places… Read more »

Not Getting Great Client Feedback? Here’s How You Can Help.

Amanda went to Design for Drupal 2014 in Boston last weekend. She brought back a ton of useful information, and now she’s passing it on to you. The organizers of D4D made a conscious effort to gear the first day more toward business, and I relished the opportunity to think more about client communication. I’ve had a… Read more »

Design For Drupal 2014: A Recap

My new (awesome!) coworker Sarah recapped her experiences at DrupalCampWI the other day, so I’m following suit with my thoughts from my new favorite tech camp, Design4Drupal, held in Boston last weekend. This camp is an intimate gathering for front-end developer and designers all experiencing the same pain points working with Drupal and on websites in general. On the surface, that… Read more »

SASS + Compass + Modernizr and browser information detection

Jack, my co-themer here at Advomatic, and I will be doing a series of articles about how we use SASS and Compass on our projects. There are plenty of articles out there on what it is and how to get started, so we wanted to dig a little deeper, and share a few tips and… Read more »

Responsive Design Tips from DrupalCon

Ah, Drupalcon. Three days of panels and BOFs, one Advomatic code sprint, and some very late nights with the Advoteam. Now I’m thrust back into the land of overflowing diaper pails and spaghetti bits everywhere that is work-from-home motherhood. But I promised myself I’d put my DrupalCon notes into a fancy blog post in the… Read more »

Flowing a list view into two columns

Columns. While it may seem like a good idea to a graphic designer, the idea of newspaper-style columns strikes fear in the hearts of themers everywhere. In particular, you may run into an instance where you need a list view to be A-L in the first column, then M-Z in the second column. I’ll walk… Read more »

Build a Filterable Staff Directory in Drupal 6 or 7

Here’s a beginner-level Drupal CCK/Views site building recipe for creating a nicely filterable Staff page. After making one like this for a recent project in Drupal 6, I was both pleased and annoyed to discover how easy it is to build in Drupal 7, now that fields are in core. I’ll show you both ways… Read more »

Designing for Drupal: DOs and DON’Ts

“Drupal sites can look any way you want!” Heard this before? While technically true, it doesn’t mean it’s always the best option. If you are a graphic designer creating comps (compositions) for a Drupal site, here are a few DOs and DON’Ts to follow. Not only can they make theme developers happy, but also they… Read more »

Volunteering at Free Geek Twin Cities

Editor’s Note: This is the first in an ongoing series about what our team does in their spare time to help good causes. Photo: Amanda and Nus in the Free Geek Twin Cities firehouse. On most Saturdays, when I’m not theming Drupal websites for Advomatic and our awesome clients, I make my way over to… Read more »

Arm yourself with Drupal $body_classes!

A common question I get for theming Drupal sites is how to apply css to specific pages. For example, you might want your background image for your header to change on specific pages. Out of the box, Drupal doesn’t give you any class in the HTML that’s unique to your node to grab onto. This… Read more »