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Amanda Luker is a web designer in Minneapolis, MN. She received her MA in Media Studies from The New School in 2004, and has been making websites for nonprofits, artists, writers, educators and musicians ever since. Amanda is a co-founder of Free Geek Twin Cities, an all-volunteer computer education and recycling program. She also loves doing print design, listening to loud music, riding bikes, and volunteering at Boneshaker Books, a volunteer-run independent bookstore in Minneapolis.

Posts by Amanda

Humanizing Accessibility: A Recap of the Nonprofit Tech Conference

I went to my first Nonprofit Tech Conference this year! As a heads-down coder day-to-day, it was refreshing – if somewhat exhausting – to spend time talking to new people working on so many cool projects. I was seriously impressed. My favorite moments were hosting a conversation about digital inclusion at the “Birds of a… Read more »

Accessibility As You Go: Part 3

Picking up where we left off in Part 2, in which we went over some of the tools and design considerations for accessibility, in Part 3 we’ll review some tips for minimizing accessibility issues by addressing them early in the development process. Plan Your DOM Order DOM is Document Object Model, which is the fancy… Read more »

Accessibility As You Go: Part 2

Picking up where we left off from the first in our Accessibility As You Go series: Testing Tools and Design Process Nip Color Contrast Issues in the Bud During the design phase, it’s important to verify that all text on the site has high enough contrast with its background color. Level AA contrast requires a… Read more »

Accessibility As You Go: Part 1

Introduction and Terminology Earlier this year, I went to a tech accessibility event here in Minneapolis (sponsored by Clockwork and WeCO) that was incredibly enlightening. Participants got a chance to watch and ask questions as several users with different impairments interacted with websites: A blind man was visibly frustrated using a screen reader that kept getting trapped… Read more »

Theming Drupal 8 pages based on URL

We’ve been all heads down over here, digging in to Drupal 8. We are trying to figure out best practices for the front end, now that we are no longer building new sites in Drupal 7, and documenting as we go. It has been fun picking things up, and I’d like to try to share more… Read more »

Saving Time with Component-based Design

blue bin filled with legos

As someone who creates and implements designs for nonprofit organizations, I have learned a lot of ways to keep costs down. There are many little tips and tricks, like leveraging open source software, free fonts, and creative commons stock photos. But the most comprehensive way I’ve found to both meet client needs, keep project costs… Read more »

Fake it til you make it: A recipe for slanted text

In Jen Simmons’ recent presentation on modern layouts for the web, she takes down current web design conventions, and asks us to consider looking at the print world for inspiration. One such inspiration she points to is text wrapping around complex images. Why hasn’t there been more of that? Well, we haven’t been able to do it in… Read more »

Adding Responsive Images to Your Drupal 8 Site

Cowritten by Jack Haas and Amanda Luker Celebrating the first release candidate for Drupal 8, the Advomatic team has been testing things out, diving into not-so-well documented (yet!) waters. Here’s a little tutorial for doing something that had us scratching our heads for a bit: adding responsive images in Drupal 8. Here’s what you will need:… Read more »

Style guides in Drupal

Heading into Chicago’s Midcamp, my coworker Andy and I were excited to talk to other front end developers about using style guides with Drupal. We decided to put the word out and organize a BOF (birds of a feather talk) to find our kindred front end spirits. Indeed, we found a small group of folks… Read more »