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Aaron moved to New York City in 2004 to start Advomatic after working on Governor Howard Dean's presidential campaign as the web developer for the Iowa state operation. In the first few years of Advomatic's existence, he developed and managed most of the client projects. His experience as a developer has influenced the culture at Advomatic and created a way of working that inspires team collaboration and innovation. In his spare time, he scuba dives, eats fire, and is a master of ceremonies for amateur talent shows.

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Exciting News

A few months ago I received an invitation to lunch from a good friend and colleague. He had interviewed me earlier about our work at Cadre, the hosting service housed in Advomatic, and over lunch we continued our discussion of the landscape of hosting companies. There was just something different about Cadre. We were tackling a …

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Win a trip to Drupalcon London 2011 from Cadre Web Hosting!

Cadre Web Hosting is sending someone to Drupalcon London 2011. Will it be you? That’s right, Cadre is sending one lucky winner to London to attend Drupalcon all on our dime. Since we are Silver Sponsors this year we decided that we’d give away a conference registration along with airfare and lodging for the week …

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Cloud Hosting, Drupal, and You

     In the last few years, the term “cloud computing” has become the ubiquitous new buzz-word to toss around when talking about flexible, scalable hosting solutions. Unfortunately, as often happens when a new concept is introduced to a large market, it is often misunderstood; the benefits and drawbacks are misrepresented (intentionally or not).      The original concept …

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Staring into the abyss: 10pm EDT

One of the tasks that seems to persistently find its way to my doorstep is building calendaring systems. Always maddening, incredibly frustrating and never as easy as it seems it should be, building a system that deals with events and dates and times is a rite of passage for many developers. You can always tell …

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The Fish Ladder of Greater Participation

How do you promote deeper participation from your web membership, collect valuable demographics from them, and avoid triggering common negative reactions to data collection? With a clear set of objectives for your web site, and some new ways of structuring features, you can help guide your members to action on behalf of your organization; all …

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Netmask width conversion

When setting up various services you will often be required to provide a subnet mask for the ip address you are configuring the service for. Sometimes you need to input the mask in the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, sometimes in terms of a mask width, or bits, in the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ww, where ‘ww’ is the mask width …

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Sweet Commands

I have this knote on my desktop that I use to keep track of commands I use often, but not frequently enough to remember by heart. Its gets fairly long, and is invaluable for me in my daily internet building tasks. I occasionally clean it out, removing things I never use, have found better solutions …

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Drupal Camp NYC 2006

The Advomatic Team had some fun at Drupal Camp ’06, and Jacob Redding put together a cool video from it:

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