Transforming Data in a Drupal 8 Migration, Step-by-Step

We’re wrapping up our first Drupal 8 project here at Advomatic, and Jim and I have been tasked with implementing a content migration from the client’s existing Drupal 6 site. My first migration job was to write a plugin which rewrites image assist tags in node body fields as regular HTML image tags. Fortunately, lots of smart… Read more »

Decoupling Drupal Without Losing Your Head — Part 2


From Styleguide to Final Product In the first article in our series we talked about how styleguide-driven development (SDD) and decoupling both serve many of the same goals, and SDD can do so in a way that avoids the many challenges of decoupling.  Now we’ll get deeper into the details of SDD and how we… Read more »

Decoupling Drupal Without Losing Your Head — Part 1


What exactly are we trying to do here? And is there another way to do it? Headless/decoupled Drupal has received a lot of buzz in the last year. But the rise of decoupled Drupal has also been met with due skepticism, as there are significant challenges. We’re not here to further that flame war; you can find… Read more »

Protecting’s Privacy and Security

Earlier this year, we launched a new site for the ACLU. The project required a migration from Drupal 6, building a library of interchangeable page components, complex responsive theming, and serious attention to accessibility, security and privacy. In this post, I’ll highlight some of the security and privacy-related features we implemented. Privacy As an organization, the… Read more »

Being a Programmer Helped me Move

I recently moved from one apartment to another in NYC. It could have been stressful, but it wasn’t. I could’ve run into problems, but I didn’t. Call me crazy, but I believe that the lessons I learn as an agile programmer helped make it smooth. These principles help me code, and they also helped me move.   Front-loading Odds are… Read more »

The Advoteam’s Advice on Making the Most of DrupalCon

We’re so excited to be headed to DrupalCon next week! It’s one of the rare times the whole Advoteam gets to be in one place, and it’s great to be able to take time out of the day-to-day to learn all about what’s new in Drupal, what everyone’s working on, and to talk to other folks… Read more »

Getting Excited for DrupalCon LA!

It’s that most wondrous time of the year for the Advoteam. We’re buying our flights and packing our bags for DrupalCon 2015! We are so stoked (that’s something people say in LA, right?). But what are we most stoked on? Let’s poll the Advoteam! Jack (@jerseycheese) In general, I love cities.  Being a remote worker with very little… Read more »

Automating Living Style Guides in a Drupal Theme

Over the past year or so here, we’ve tried to make front-end development less painful by creating living style guides in our Drupal themes that we can use internally as a valuable resource during development, as well as externally as a client deliverable. They allow us to write consistent, reusable and efficient code that is easy to maintain over… Read more »

Responsiveness, Automation, D8, and Drupal’s Head: A MidCamp 2015 Recap

In March, my coworker Amanda and I  hopped on Amtrak from Minneapolis to the University of Illinois campus in Chicago for Drupal MidCamp, excited for the chance to catch some great sessions (especially on the front-end track!), learn what people have been working on, and share what we have been up to. We stayed just a short bike ride… Read more »