Views in Drupal 8: Improved Displays

Now that Drupal 8 is in beta, I’ve been trying to spend some more time with it. Reading articles and watching presentations are good ways to keep up with where things are (or are going), but nothing beats actually using it., Pantheon, and Acquia Cloud all now provide free ways to spin up an instance… Read more »

Getting festive with your distributed team

Your organization’s had a great year. Congratulations! And now that the year’s drawing to a close, your team deserves to get together, relax, and celebrate all the hard work you’ve done. It’s time for your annual holiday party! But if you’re like us at Advomatic, your team is spread out across the country. So how to… Read more »

BADCamp 2014 Nonprofit Summit

This week, a couple of us are at BADcamp! We love the Bay Area Drupal community and this event, and we’re proud sponsors this year.  This year, BADCamp moved from the hallowed halls of UC, Berkeley to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, once the home of the Exploratorium (which we also highly recommend). That puts BADCamp 2014 in one… Read more »

Happy Halloween from Advomatic!

We here at Advomatic take being a distributed team very seriously. Our happy hours are over Google Hangout and our music recommendations get sent over through a Slack channel.  So not having an office certainly doesn’t mean we don’t dress up for work on Halloween. Dave:   “What’s the ribbon?” “Duh. It’s the mane.”   Oliver:… Read more »

Have an Advomatic Maintenance Plan? Your site is safe.

On Friday, Oct 10th, the Drupal Security Team notified the community to be on the lookout for a security release the following Wednesday. While that was already the standard monthly “window” for a potential security release, the team had never given this kind of additional warning before. We took it as a hint that this… Read more »

We’ve got a brand new look!

Welcome to the brand new!  We designed our old site in 2009 using a toolkit for making labor union flyers from the 50s for inspiration.    We loved the vibe, but we’ve grown a lot since 2009 and felt it was time for an update. We streamlined our messaging, switched to WordPress (more on this endeavor later), and took… Read more »

Exciting News

A few months ago I received an invitation to lunch from a good friend and colleague. He had interviewed me earlier about our work at Cadre, the hosting service housed in Advomatic, and over lunch we continued our discussion of the landscape of hosting companies. There was just something different about Cadre. We were tackling a… Read more »

Streamlining Your Design Workflow

Amanda went to Design for Drupal 2014 in Boston last weekend. She brought back a ton of useful information, and now she’s passing it on to you.  The complexity of front end development has skyrocketed in complexity over the last few years. And we front end developers are welcoming anything we can do to improve both the… Read more »

Not Getting Great Client Feedback? Here’s How You Can Help.

Amanda went to Design for Drupal 2014 in Boston last weekend. She brought back a ton of useful information, and now she’s passing it on to you. The organizers of D4D made a conscious effort to gear the first day more toward business, and I relished the opportunity to think more about client communication. I’ve had a… Read more »