Being a Programmer Helped me Move

I recently moved from one apartment to another in NYC. It could have been stressful, but it wasn’t. I could’ve run into problems, but I didn’t. Call me crazy, but I believe that the lessons I learn as an agile programmer helped make it smooth. These principles help me code, and they also helped me move.   Front-loading Odds are… Read more »

The Advoteam’s Advice on Making the Most of DrupalCon

We’re so excited to be headed to DrupalCon next week! It’s one of the rare times the whole Advoteam gets to be in one place, and it’s great to be able to take time out of the day-to-day to learn all about what’s new in Drupal, what everyone’s working on, and to talk to other folks… Read more »

Getting Excited for DrupalCon LA!

It’s that most wondrous time of the year for the Advoteam. We’re buying our flights and packing our bags for DrupalCon 2015! We are so stoked (that’s something people say in LA, right?). But what are we most stoked on? Let’s poll the Advoteam! Jack (@jerseycheese) In general, I love cities.  Being a remote worker with very little… Read more »

Automating Living Style Guides in a Drupal Theme

Over the past year or so here, we’ve tried to make front-end development less painful by creating living style guides in our Drupal themes that we can use internally as a valuable resource during development, as well as externally as a client deliverable. They allow us to write consistent, reusable and efficient code that is easy to maintain over… Read more »

Responsiveness, Automation, D8, and Drupal’s Head: A MidCamp 2015 Recap

In March, my coworker Amanda and I  hopped on Amtrak from Minneapolis to the University of Illinois campus in Chicago for Drupal MidCamp, excited for the chance to catch some great sessions (especially on the front-end track!), learn what people have been working on, and share what we have been up to. We stayed just a short bike ride… Read more »

Style guides in Drupal

Heading into Chicago’s Midcamp, my coworker Andy and I were excited to talk to other front end developers about using style guides with Drupal. We decided to put the word out and organize a BOF (birds of a feather talk) to find our kindred front end spirits. Indeed, we found a small group of folks… Read more »

A Drupal Developer in PHP Land

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a few hundred other PHP developers at the Midwest PHP Conference in Minneapolis. I consider myself primarily a Drupal developer, not a PHP developer. I spend most of my work days writing modules, almost entirely in PHP, but working in Drupal 6 or 7 is pretty different than working… Read more »

Paying Down Your Technical Debt

Sometimes all you need to get the job done are a couple of poles and some duct tape. You can make an emergency stretcher out of that and could perhaps save a life. But duct tape and poles is not what most of us would hope to see when an ambulance arrives. Just because we can… Read more »

#15NTC Recap (And the slides you should actually watch)

  Me at most conferences: Me at NTC:   This was my very first Nonprofit Technology Conference, and it was SUPER GREAT. I got to meet some awesome people who I’d previously only ever seen on the internet. Some of us even hugged, so I can confirm that they were not holograms either. And I got… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Haikus

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. Specifically, our love for Drupal. And how do we love thee? Let us shower you with adoring haikus.