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5 Questions to Ask When Budgeting for your Website in the New Year

Budgeting season is fast approaching. The stakes can feel high around this time of year as you manage your immediate workload while also trying to find time to project ahead. When you do find time, you may not quite know where to start.  

Here are five questions you should ask yourself as you pull out your crystal ball and look into next year.

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Avoiding the boom/bust website cycle

How to ensure that satisfaction in your websites remains high, while also levelling out your spending A typical website is created in a burst of activity (and spending), then “launched” to the public.  There is probably some really great thinking that went into it, but because no one can predict the future, you don’t really …

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Election Day Coping Strategy: Tech-Themed Cocktails

Here in the US, November 8th, 2016 is a stressful day. Advomatic can help you with that. Our solution is not quite technical, but it is tech-flavored. As our development team was working trying to work weeping with despair and horror talking today, we were looking at one of our project management tools (Pivotal Tracker). Someone had added what …

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Saving Time with Component-based Design

blue bin filled with legos

As someone who creates and implements designs for nonprofit organizations, I have learned a lot of ways to keep costs down. There are many little tips and tricks, like leveraging open source software, free fonts, and creative commons stock photos. But the most comprehensive way I’ve found to both meet client needs, keep project costs …

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The roles of the web and how to break in

Over the holidays my brother in-law was asking about the world of the web, and how he might start a career in the industry. I started thinking about all the different disciplines involved in creating a website and I realized that this was going to be bigger than just a few words in between bites …

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Upgrading to Drupal 8: through the client’s eyes

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) advocates for healthy marine ecosystems. Through their site,, they organize and promote a movement toward a thriving ocean and a just seafood system. Having helped create the original Drupal 6 site for NAMA in 2008, it’s been a rewarding experience re-architecting it in Drupal 8 (beta). The main purpose …

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#15NTC Recap (And the slides you should actually watch)

  Me at most conferences: Me at NTC:   This was my very first Nonprofit Technology Conference, and it was SUPER GREAT. I got to meet some awesome people who I’d previously only ever seen on the internet. Some of us even hugged, so I can confirm that they were not holograms either. And I got …

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To the Point: Your Web Development Project Needs a Point Person

This post is first in a series on what your organization can do internally to prepare for a website development project and what to expect during the process. No matter who builds your site, your organization will only get the most out of the money you spend by paying close attention to project throughout the …

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Why Non-Profits Need User Experience Design

The non-profit organization faces unique challenges with any web project. There are budget and internal skill limitations not typically faced by a for-profit entity. We’ve addressed what you need to know about the project process and begun to tell you how to manage it more successfully. This article discusses what I believe is the most …

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