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Aaron Winborn
Jun 18, 2008

YouTube API Sneak Peek!

As referred to in YouTube API for Drupal on the Way, beeradb has now opened the YouTube API module for development. He and I have been working to polish it up and make it... more
Aaron Winborn
Jun 11, 2008

Future of Drupal FTP

On IRC, Károly Négyesi (better known as chx) asked me about the status of the Drupal FTP project. He was concerned that it stores FTP usernames and passwords, which... more
Aaron Winborn
Jun 9, 2008

No More Teasers!

I just read We don't need no Pagination, which describes a technique to replace the read more of a page with an automatic page loader for the next section. I think this could easily be done in Drupal, maybe as a... more
Aaron Winborn
Jun 7, 2008

Aaron's Project Plans in June

This list is partly to inform interested others of my personal Drupal plans this month, partly to get feedback, and partly as a reminder for myself when I see my blog. The order is roughly in order of priority for me. We'll see how it actually pans out... ... more
Aaron Winborn
Jun 1, 2008

5 Second Game (Concept)

The engine for 5 Second Game is built on a Rock-Scissors-Paper concept. There are three stats, corresponding to that, and everything modifies that: character classes, skills, combat, etc. It is meant to be a fast... more
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