Low Hanging Fruit

During our Drupal Multimedia panel on Monday, Nate Haug (quicksketch) mentioned that soon we will be discontinuing the Image module, and providing a migration for existing Image Nodes to ImageField (or its replacement).
The same thing needs to happen to the Video module. That could happen now. The module that provides a migration path for Video nodes will be king. But they'll also need to tap into the planned hook_file for d7, to keep from being dethroned.
Even if the Video module wants to survive, it will need to migrate from its current 4.6 mindset of video-as-a-node.
I'm just saying.

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Aaron Winborn was Advomatic's first full time hire in 2006, and is a very active leader in the Drupal community. His first book, Drupal Multimedia is now available from Packt Publishing.


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