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Aaron Winborn
Sep 14, 2008

Drupal is One Function

Last night, Oleg (litwol) said that Drupal is one function: module_invoke_all(). Funny, but it does reveal the essence of how contrib interacts with core. ... more
Aaron Winborn
Aug 29, 2008

Inline Video with jQuery Media!

Here's a two-step formula for simple inline video, assuming you have jQuery Media installed on your site, doing both of these configuration steps from Administration > Site configuration > jQuery Media (at... more
Aaron Winborn
Aug 26, 2008

Minimalist Drupal Themes

Don't get me wrong; I like Garland. It's sleek, it has an easy-to-configure color scheme, it works well out of the box. And it's identifiably Drupal, which, though sometimes thought to be a criticism, is not a bad label for the blog of a Drupal developer, such as the blog you're reading. At... more
Aaron Winborn
Aug 10, 2008

My Plans for August

Sadly, my plans for August don't include Drupalcon Szeged. Already too much travel this summer, and the dates conflict with a training my partner is doing, so that would be hard on our 4yo. Back in June, I made a ... more
Aaron Winborn
Aug 8, 2008

Media Player with Dynamic Logo!

Made some progress last night with the Drupal Media Player that I blogged about recently. ... more
Aaron Winborn
Aug 5, 2008

Home-Brewed Drupal Media Player in the Works!

Here's a sneak peek of the new flash Drupal Media Player, developed by yours truly with OpenLaszlo! Obviously, it's still rough on the edges, and all the options in the theme function aren't hooked up... more
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