Aaron Winborn
Jan 14, 2009

Drupal Dojo: Media Sprint Recap

Here's the DimDim recap of the first Drupal Dojo session of the year, where Arthur Foelsche (... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 12, 2009

Media Sprint Recap on Drupal Dojo! (Forthcoming)

Arthur and I will co-present a recap of last week's exciting Media Code Sprint, held in various offices in NYC! We'll be doing this with the Drupal... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 9, 2009

Media Code Sprint: Day 2 (January 2009)

Wow! Here's a sampling of some stuff that's already happened the last couple of days: Media Sprint file upload proposal ... more
Marco Carbone
Dec 18, 2008

Scheduling with Drupal: An Introduction to Slot Machine

Scheduling when content goes live on Drupal has up to this point mostly been handled on a per-node basis. For instance, the useful Scheduler module lets you schedule when a node is published/unpublished, and ... more
Aaron Winborn
Dec 17, 2008

Don't Panic, It's Drupal!

Here's a graphic I made for the Do It With Drupal conference, where I built YouDrup, a YouTube clone with Drupal. ... more
Julie Blitzer
Nov 10, 2008

Click-to-Call Tool for FireDogLake featured on DailyKos

Advomatic is helping the Progressive movement translate activism from online to offline once again with its Click-to-Call tool. Recent Click-to-Call campaigns include Health Care for America... more
Aaron Winborn
Oct 28, 2008

Media Transcriptions Roadmap

I've started work on the Media Transcriptions module today. This module will allow the attachment of Transcriptions (or Closed Captioning) to video and audio files. The initial version in CVS is from some work by ... more
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