Aaron Winborn
Feb 24, 2009
Aaron Winborn
Feb 18, 2009

Cufón, an Alternative to sIFR for Image Replacement

I was struggling with sIFR yet again this morning, an odd WSOD in IE7 and other problems. John Haas showed me Cufón as a replacement, and I was quickly impressed with its potential. The project promises... more
Aaron Winborn
Feb 11, 2009

Media Sprint TODO?

The Media Sprint 2009 Wiki has a rough outline, based on an earlier document started by arthurf, but needs some serious fleshing out. I plan to begin working in earnest again on the sprint later next... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 28, 2009

Media: YouTube (PHP Stream Wrapper)

The future of Drupal Multimedia is now! The Media Sprint: 2009 is continuing to build up steam. I met with the folks at Zivtech in Philly yesterday, and we banged on the ... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 26, 2009

Media Sprint at Zivtech!

Tomorrow (January 27, 2009) we'll be continuing the Media Sprint 2009, at the Zivtech office in Philly. Our stated goals: document the heck out of the Media... more
Julie Blitzer
Jan 23, 2009

Click-to-Call Tool Featured on Care2's FrogLoop Blog

frogloop, Care2's non-profit communications and marketing blog, featured Advomatic's Click-to-Call tool, describing it as the first successful tool of its kind. Recent Click-to-Call campaigns include Health... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 14, 2009

Drupal Dojo: Media Sprint Recap

Here's the DimDim recap of the first Drupal Dojo session of the year, where Arthur Foelsche (... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 12, 2009

Media Sprint Recap on Drupal Dojo! (Forthcoming)

Arthur and I will co-present a recap of last week's exciting Media Code Sprint, held in various offices in NYC! We'll be doing this with the Drupal... more
Aaron Winborn
Jan 9, 2009

Media Code Sprint: Day 2 (January 2009)

Wow! Here's a sampling of some stuff that's already happened the last couple of days: Media Sprint file upload proposal ... more
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