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Amanda Luker
Jun 12, 2009

10 Tips for Theming Drupal 6 Forms

In the last month, I've been working on a project that requires a very custom look and feel for login/register/adding content forms, and worked what I've learned into a presentation. Now I've got a little running list of tips for whipping Drupal forms into shape. ... more
Jack Haas
Jun 11, 2009

Faking imagecache for external images in Drupal

Imagecache is just one of those modules that we use on a consistent basis. There are usually many places within a complex site where the ability to crop and scale an image to a certain size comes into play. While this works great for images that you are storing on your own server, you run into... more
Marco Carbone
Jun 9, 2009

Using multiple node access modules just got a lot easier, maybe

Two new hooks were recently committed to HEAD that will give Drupal 7 unprecedented flexibility when it comes to managing multiple node access modules on one site. Up until now, enabling multiple node access modules usually leads to... more
Jonathan DeLaigle
May 24, 2009

Multiple nodes from single node submission in Drupal

At Advomatic we recently had a use case to create multiple nodes from a single node submission. This is something that Drupal can handle relatively easily but, it is just not that intuitive so here is a tutorial on how I accomplished this. This tutorial will cover how to create two... more
Amanda Luker
May 22, 2009

Table-free Gallery Grid View in Drupal

In my role here at Advomatic, doing Drupal Development, for the last two projects I’ve worked on, I’ve gotten requests for a surprisingly tedious layout that looks a little like this: ... more
Adam Mordecai
May 21, 2009

Drupal Multimedia - Learning New Tricks

Aaron Winborn, one of our awesome developers here at Advomatic, wrote a book on Drupal Multimedia, titled shockingly, "... more
Dave Hansen-Lange
May 20, 2009

Drupal Maintainability II - Separation of Church and State

This week's blog post on Drupal maintainability is about keeping things separated (You can take a look at the other posts in the series). Drupal is... more
Aaron Winborn
May 19, 2009

Framework to Extend hook_block in Drupal

New York State Senate
As you have probably already seen at, Advomatic recently launched the new site for the New York State Senate. This front page announcement has received some interest from... more
Jonathan DeLaigle
May 18, 2009

The Embed Views Display

Have you ever created a view and the only thing you needed it for was embedding it somewhere on your site? On some projects I have had recently I certainly had and embedding regular view displays will work. But, you either have to choose from a block, page, feed, or use the default display from... more
Marco Carbone
May 13, 2009

Drupal for Privacy Buffs: Configuring Your Drupal 6 Site to Work Without Cookies for Anonymous Users

A Drupal 6 site we are currently building has a requirement to not set cookies for anonymous users. In this blog post, I describe the hack-free solution we implemented for them that prevents Drupal from setting cookies. ... more
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